Meet Lindsey Hopkins


Founder + Creator of The Joyful Owl blog, Lindsey is a stay at home mom who is thankful for every moment she gets to hang at home with her wild boys. Married to her sweetheart for 5 1/2 years, together almost 13 , they try as hard as they can to go on dates and mini vacays to the mountains to fall in love all over again.  In the spare time she can find, she loves to craft, bake , practice gratitude religiously and try to keep on top of this blog. For work, but you can hardly call it that, she creates custom illustrations of families and individuals ,as well as children's art ,through her Etsy shop and word of mouth. Just recently, she completed a course to provide manicures and pedicures out of her new home nail studio (/ Joyful Owl office) .. the Joy Nail Studio. On top of all that, being in the mountains and surrounding herself with positivity and loved ones takes priority and she loves to share those experiences here on this blog and in her artwork. Take the time to peruse the blog, there's a lot of old posts, and be sure to check out her instagram feed for her latest projects and shenanigans she's getting into. Peace. 

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